On the Grid Ep. 45, „Winds of Change“ Jonathan MacDonald at Urban Future…

Hello Boys and Girls! 

This time in English.

Last week we had the chance to visit the Urban Future – Global Conference

This is an event about urban development and about topics, how the future of cities could be, cause cities are melting points, cause most of our populations life in this clusters, so its important to see, what cities do, the evolve and change their abilities in housing millions and millions of peoples.

We made some interviews and spoke with the former major of Berlin Klaus Wowereit, as also with Siegfried Nagl, the current major of Graz. This time we present you the Keynote made by Jonathan MacDonald, a british speaker, business-advisor and philosophical visionary.

Video: Jonathan MacDonald Keynote „When the Winds of change are blowing“.

Enjoy his speach and arguments about society matters, the winds of change, technology and the shift of business issues.

Cya Sivic!

Written by Sivic

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