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#EUSPACE – Space Conference in Graz (Austria),On The Grid 152/1

At the Space Conference „#EUSPACE for Business“, several companies and state officials discuss the possibilities and the economical potential of space flight.
Before the opening ceremony started, the EU-Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska, the Austrian space minister Norbert Hofer, the Spanish sience minister Pedro Duque and the CEO of Ariane Space Stéphane Israël present their viewpoints about the changes that happen in the space business and and which chances are now given to the industry.

Video: Pressconference about the European space programs and economical opportunities of investements in Earths orbit.

The major goal of the „#EUSPACE for Business“ meeting in Graz is the exchange of data and knowledge from further developments and research projects in space, as also to present the capabilities of Austrian and European companies and scientific institutes, such as the Austrian Universities of Technology in Graz and Vienna.

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Written by Sivic

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