3D Print of Captain Picard / Sir Patrick Stewart from Star Trek, OTG Ep: 134

Replicate out of nothing a plastic bust of Patrick Stewart? No, that’s not a joke or science fiction anymore, 3D-printing is nowadays reality. Check it out, what we have done…
3D Printing is not only a hobby or some playing tool, it gets serious business. As a test I started to print a bust of Captain Picard (Jean Luc) played by Sir Patrick Stewart in Star Trek Series The Next Generation. The print took about 3 hours and was only a prototype produced for the porpose to check out if the M3D Micro, which I use, is working probably. In the future I will publish more videos about this topic and will show you what is behind the curtain of 3D-Printing.

In other words: „We „engage“ too the unknown, like Captain Picard would do it.“


Written by Sivic

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